Krave is a family-run business, tailored for every individual in a unique way. Whether it is from our fresh, hand-made lunches or our self-serve frozen yogurt with dozens of fun, delicious toppings, we stride forward every day to not only improve our products, but to bring our A-game to the table. We are loyally committed to serving our customers every single day. This is why we offer an “Escape Room” experience that is fun for adults and children of all ages. Tap into your detective side and see if you can solve The Great Krave Escape mystery! \
Schedule a time to check out our Mt. Zion location today to see for yourself!
Don’t know what an escape room is? Click here.
We stand behind our products and service 100%. Dedicated to our community and fellow patrons, we support local businesses. That is what makes a town thrive. We will provide lunches or frozen yogurt to small or large companies and businesses for special events/luncheons/parties, etc. Call us at 217-864-1295 for more information.
We want to hear from you! Please feel free to call us about questions or concerns. Use the contact form for requests and suggestions. We are always interested in what our community likes!
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1455 E. Village Parkway

Mt. Zion, Il 62549


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